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"Live at the Common Grounds" - Songs and stories for adults, families and older kids

"Good Morning Mr. Bob!" - Songs and stories for kids recorded live at schools

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Bob Linsenmayer: Live at the Common Grounds

Good Morning Mr. Bob!

Reviews of Bob's CDs

Good Morning Mr. Bob!

"Thank you for sending me the copy of Good Morning Mr. Bob. I was delighted to hear your presentation of "Boneless" - it even brought a few chills to me. But, I must say, I enjoyed the entire CD. I hope the opportunity will arise to hear you present in person. Meanwhile, keep enchanting kids with the power of first-rate storytelling - yours!" Robert D. San Souci, Award-winning Author of Books for Children

"Congrats! I just listened to your CD. Keep on - Stay well. Old Pete." Pete Seeger, folksinger, storyteller and author.

"Litter makes me bitter too! What a great song and the kids loved it. Way to go! I took the pledge and I don't ever want to eat a frog-gut pie". Buck P Creacy, Storyteller and Humorist

"Mr. Bob does an outstanding job keeping the children's attention. My daughter re-tells his stories from listening to the CD so many times. He exemplifies what storytelling should be. It is good, clean entertainment and helps tremendously with listening skills and comprehension." Amanda Van Scyoc, Librarian

Bob Linsenmayer at the Common Grounds

"Extremely funny and smoothly paced, this CD at once captures your attention and gently pulls you back to a nearly forgotten era. Skillfully mixing heartwarming stories, upbeat songs, and humorous antidotes, Bob Linsenmayer, aka the Singing Storyteller, has produced a real gem. Too many spoken word recordings simply don’t deliver. This one does. The sound quality and professionalism on this live recording is superb and the audience’s laughter only serves to enhance the overall effect of sitting around the old country store or modern day coffee shop, hearing stories that your good friend, Bob is sharing. We can all relate to the hilarious situations that occur in Bob’s travel stories, ‘Hijacked’ and ‘Where is the Toilet’. Intermixed with these personal stories are traditional songs and irreverent, but not over the top, numbers like ‘Ode to Cheese’s’ and ‘Body in the Bag’. This CD is perfect for children, adults, families, and pretty much anyone who likes to smile, laugh, and simply feel good!" Hawk Hurst, Musician and Storyteller.

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