Mr. Bob's Programs for Kids

Stories from Around the World


Storyteller, Bob Linsenmayer, known at elementary schools and libraries as "Mr. Bob", tells exciting world folktales that hold the attention of kids. He builds stories around themes such as caring, cooperation, honesty, respect, responsibility, and trustworthiness. His folktales help children recognize and give value to the similarities and differences of people from all parts of the world.

"You touched on all learning styles with your unusual auditory and kinesthetic presentation. It was fabulous! This was the most professional and interesting character program we've had in years! Loved it!" Lisa M. Hightower, Guidance Counselor, Congaree Elementary, West Columbia, SC

"Dear Mr. Bob, I thought your performance was out of this world! Those stories will stay with me forever." Jordan, 4th grade student

Songs and other music


Mr. Bob's original songs include "Litter Makes Me Bitter," and "You Can't Sell Your Brother at a Garage Sale". In addition to his own songs, he uses children's songs written by Raffi, Ella Jenkins, Pete Seeger, Peter Alsop, Shel Silverstein, Tom Paxton, Ivan Ulz and others. Kids sing along with Mr. Bob on songs such as "I Am a Pizza" and "Fire Truck". His instruments include the 12-string guitar, 6-string guitar, washboard, jaw-harp, musical spoons, nose flute, African djembe drum and African gongoma gourd piano. He closes library programs by passing out tambourines, maracas, rhythm sticks, clackers and cowbells to all audience members and leads them as they all play together in a giant rhythm band.

"Bob, we really enjoyed your performance. Your African drum and washboard were very unique. I especially liked the "Litter Makes Me Bitter" song. You were fantastic!" Pamela Bennett, Children's Librarian, Laurens & Clinton Public Libraries, SC

Stories from Books

For younger audiences, Bob uses many stories taken from picture books. After telling a story without the book, he holds up the book and lets the children view several pages with pictures, and then tells the kids that they can check out the book and read it for themselves. His 6-foot long boa constrictor puppet helps him tell the story from the book "Crictor" by Tomi Ungerer. Bob shapes the snake's body to make letters and numbers which the children call out. Bob's programs help motivate kids to read more books.

"I think your program is fabulous! The props that you use capture the students' attention. Your program is entertaining, interesting, and very unique!" Mychele Rhodes, Principal, Maxwell Elementary, Thomson, GA

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